Friday, November 30, 2012

Will Gietema's Video

Search For My Values - Will Gietema / Rhodes College from Will Gietema on Vimeo.

Video Fun

I think that this week has definitely been my favorite week of search.  I don't mean that for just this semester.  Out of all three semesters, this has been my favorite part. It has been really cool to see how other people haave put together their own projects.  I think that it has been fun to see other peoples perspectives and their visions for their own projects.  We've seen everything from animations, to documentaries, to sitcoms.  Its just been really fun. I am glad that I have been able to give positive feedback to others for their work.  Watching each project gave me some ideas for how i can do future projects.  Its also cool to see how different each project is and how they fit the personalities.  You can clearly see that we have put a lot of work into our projects and they reflect the values that we have learned throughout the three semesters.  I like how some of them were abstract and not just the average commentary, which was what I chose to do. One thing that I wish or would like to do is the animations because watching them was fun and I never would have thought of some of the ideas that our classmates came up with. so that was neat. Also watching the comedies and mockumentaries was entertaining.  I think that everyone's project was unique in its own way.  All of my thoughts are positive.
I really enjoyed working on this project. It definitely allowed me to go back and reflect upon everything that I have learned and put it together.  I like making videos. So this was definitely fun for me. I have learned an infinte amount of things.  We have had so many dynamique discussions.  I am glad that I decided to take SEARCH and I would recommend it to any incoming freshmen.  No offense to LIFE, i've just never taken it. I think that I will also be able to take everything that we have learned and apply it to the real world.  I have enjoyed this semester with professor johnson and everything  that we have done.  It has definitely been an amazing semester.
So what is the meaning of this journey supposed to be? I am still trying to figure it out.  I have definitely had the chances to question different ideas.  I have had the chance to analyze the world from different perspectives and read many different texts. I don't really know if I can pinpoint a definite meaning of what everything means.  I think that as a thinking being, SEARCH has taught me to continue to expand my own ideas and think beyond myself.  I am supposed to carry on.  I am supposed to form my own theories about the world. I can take the viewpoints and thoughts of others and apply them to myself.  I can take the thoughts of Nietzche and Descartes and form my own ideas regardless of if I agree with these individuals.  SEARCH has taught me to continue to recognize the essence of myself and my own value. Thus I think that I will continue to use the values that I've learned later on in life.  I don't know what my fate is.  But I do know that I can choose my own values and what I believe.  I can also decide what actions I choose to take.  Hence I choose to take what I've learned and use it to achieve a greater cause.  It has definitely been a fantastic experience.  I will carry on and live a good life. I will never forget this course.  I'm thankful for the amazing journey and I'm sure that it will continue.